JABBER.TW is a free XMPP chat service with complete privacy.

Free and Secure XMPP / Jabber Chat Server.

We believe that everyone deserves access to private online communication.


Minimal downtime. Completely reliable and uninterrupted communication for our users.


Privacy is our focus. XMPP chat should be anonymous and private. We respect private data and strict adherence to the secrecy of user's chats.

Zero Logs

We do not maintain logs of any kind. All chats are private and we do not monitor any information transmitted by our users.


We support all chat encryption methods and will stay committed to ensuring the security of our systems and users by staying up to date with the latest industry-standard security policies.


Our XMPP servers have full features including spam protection, HTTP file upload, MAM, OMEMO/OTR support, and multiple protocol support.


Our XMPP server allows you to recover lost passwords by registering with an email address. A password reset link can be requested on our website.

JABBER.TW: Part of the JabberX Secure Chat Network

JabberX was started because we want a way to communicate without worrying if our government is spying on us and reading our messages. With user donations and support we have expanded to over 30 countries!

Our Jabber (XMPP) instances are hosted in Germany with datacenters strong data protection laws and respect online privacy.

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Our XMPP services is completely log free. We keep no logs. Law enforcement requests will be ignored.

Questions are welcome at info AT jabberx.com.

Donations are greatly appreciated.
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